Strong transparent grip seal bags ideal for small to medium sized goods. The grip seal ensures the bag stays shut and can be opened easily. Protects against dirt and moisture, particularly useful for items kept in storage.  Dimensions provided are internal

Dimensions: 4x6cm, 5.5x5.5cm, 5x7.5cm, 8x8cm, 8x18cm, 9x11cm, 10x14cm, 12x12cm, 14x14cm, 12x18cm, 15x18cm, 19x19cm, 15x22cm, 18x25cm,  20x30cm, 23x32cm, 25x35cm, 27.5x40cm, 35x45cm, 40x50cm


Heavy Weight: 8x12cm, 12x17cm, 11x22cm, 18x25cm, 20x30cm, 23x35cm, 25x45cm, 30x40cm