Clear polypropylene bags come in a wide variety of sizes.


They are food-safe and commonly used for food packaging, gift packaging, for cards, photographs and display purposes.​

Dimensions: 10x15, 10x20, 11.5x23, 12.5x23, 14x23, 15x25, 16x25, 16x30, 16x35, 18x30, 18x35, 20x30, 21.5x35, 23x38, 25x38, 25x50, 28x45, 30x45, 34x45, 32x50, 35x50, 38x56 (cm)

Adhesive Closure: 13x18+3cm, 16.5x22+3cm, 21x28+3cm, A4cm

Pack Size: 100pcs , 500pcs